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Why Is Your Car's Gas Gauge Sometimes Inaccurate? | Victoria, TX

You rely on your car’s gas gauge to keep you on the move. A malfunctioning gauge can be all the difference between getting to your destination with fuel to spare or having to hoof it to the nearest gas station with can in hand. If you think that your vehicle’s fuel gauge isn’t accurate, these could be the causes.
Sending Unit Failure

The most common cause of an inaccurate or non-functioning gas gauge is a component called the sending unit. When you’re driving, the sending unit rubs against a variable resistor. This can lead to wear over the life of your vehicle. With enough wear, the gauge can misinterpret signals and show full or empty no matter the fuel level.

Gauge Failure

Not as common is a failure of the internal circuit in your gas gauge. Like other electrical components in your vehicle, circuits connecting to your gas gauge can short out or malfunction. This could lead to half the gauge being inoperable — the needle on your gauge may be stuck between empty and half full or between half full and full. In addition to circuit failure, loose connections and corrosion can lead to a malfunctioning gauge.

If your vehicle isn’t giving you an accurate fuel reading, it’s crucial that you get the issue addressed as soon as possible. When you bring your vehicle into your Aztenhoffer dealership in Victoria, Texas, you get the peace of mind that comes from expert technicians working to put your issues to right. We’ll get the work done quickly so that you can get back on the road with full confidence that you’ve got enough fuel for the drive ahead.

If your vehicle is due for service or maintenance, don’t delay. Schedule your appointment with Atzenhoffer Auto Group and stay safe and sound on the road.


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