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How to Support Local Victoria Businesses While They Are Closed

We are all working hard to stay safe and keep our distance from friends, associates, and even family. During this time of isolation, many local businesses here in Victoria are struggling. They rely on our patronage to stay in business. Here are seven ways you can support them even while they are closed.
  1. Buy a gift card. When you buy a gift card, that business can use that cash now to stay afloat and you can use that gift card later when things start to return to normal. You could even do double duty and send the gift card to a teacher, nurse, or someone else in need.
  2. Order take out. While you can’t enjoy a sit-down meal in a restaurant, you can still get many of your favorite dishes to-go. Order delivery or curbside pickup to eat at home.
  3. Shop local stores online. Look at some local businesses online and you may find they offer some or all of their normal inventory online. Place your order and wait for it to come in the mail.
  4. Tip generously. If you can, tip generously when you order food. Many of these workers may be struggling with fewer hours and less money to pay their bills.
  5. Continue paying for services. If your kids took piano lessons and you had a housekeeper, keep paying them what you normally would. Workers like this may be some of the hardest hit during this time.
  6. Write a positive review. Spend some time writing positive reviews for your favorite local businesses. You can also follow them on social media and share their posts, so they get more views.
  7. Book future services. While the actual date might be unknown, call your hairdresser, contractor, and other service workers and ask them to book you for future work.

Remember to call us at Atzenhoffer for any automotive needs you might have during this season.  
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